Thursday, April 21, 2011

the best colors

so spring is coming and i am thinking about color more than ever! i just got a new batch of students in my beginning quilting class. in the first class it's the beginning of color designing in the project, and it's always a lot of, "hmmm, i dunno, what do you think?" "what do you think", "i'm not sure"... etc, etc. but thats good! i love it! so many choices, who wouldn't be happy! i say it again and again, and boy do i mean it, more is more! yay!

today's love, call it seafoam, call it mint, call it honeydew, i don't care, just call it me!

my beautiful bike...
my newest favorite-est photo... c/o Pay No Mind
 rock n roll...

my sweet, sweet janome...


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