Sunday, April 10, 2011

whale on

so yesterday i finished the top of a very beautiful quilt. it's another variation on a log cabin, one of my faves, in case someone hadn't noticed, and i love it. problem is, i am out of quilter's dream in the right size. all i have left is a craft size and i need me a crib. so alas, i have put it aside...

so, i finished that beauty, folded it and set it aside, and then i sat. and sat. and thought. what shall i do next? funny how sometimes you have stacks of fabric laying around, but you can't think what to do with them. so what to do?!? bah.

the answer? a whale. yes, i whale. i drew a little whale on a piece of paper a year ago with the idea that i would make a whale, and applique the boy on a quilt. that never happened... until now...

now mind you, he will not live on that background, i just needed something light to look at him on, but i think he is pretty cute. he's gonna be maybe a 36 inch quilt appliqued with a cute sunny eye to boot. maybe i will do a slew of animals... or maybe i will never applique again... guess we'll have to see! wish me luck!

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