Tuesday, April 12, 2011

experimenting with babies

ok, i'm  not actually experimenting with babies, but with baby stuff. i had been thinking about doing a baby bib for my site as i do make so many baby quilts. i just love making baby things! funny, don't have a baby... not really a baby person... it's probably the cuteness of cute little cutey cute things! that's gotta be it... so without any further ado, the experimental baby bib...

it's a mix of scraps for my newest quilt, which i will have completed by tomorrow... it's some kaffe, some mccarroll, and some cuteness! for the back i used a pink plaid...

i think in the future i am going to use terry cloth, the perfect fabric for babies. i did not add any snaps either as i don't have any. (simple enough.) but i thought, hey scrappy, make something new today, and so i did. i think for a first run it is very cute. now on to make a hundred more!

by the way, i said cute seven times... cute! (eight)

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