Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one bright day

apparently philadelphia would like to go from winter straight to summer. i guess i should't complain, as i am not a winter girl, but it's still a little weird. take it is stride, and go wash your bike! that's what i say.

after said bike washing i grabbed the pooch and headed to the park!

i can rarely get a picture of the boy looking at me, he is always on the hunt. beagles. we wanted to get some pictures done for the blog and my new pattern. rather, i should say i wanted to do that. fred, well, he wanted to sniff stuff.

sadly even with the wonderful weather i was not able to get a lot of good photography. wind. lots and lots of wind...

that's ok though, it's still a sweet quilt. but what is great is that i think i have the cover ready for my first pattern, new photo, new name...

i am very excited about it. i will have my etsy shop up soon and this boy will be available to buy, sew, and love. i just adore it. the entire project is based on one simple cut, cause who wants to spend all afternoon cutting when you could be sewing, right? right.

so it's a bright day, and alfie and i are exhausted, but as a final note, alf wanted me to post this picture of him, looking the right way...


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  1. So cute and perfect! What a big boy beagle smile!