Saturday, April 16, 2011

i love log cabins

i love log cabins, and not just the lincoln log kind, though those are cool, but i also love the quilty log cabin style. it's probably my fave. i don't know exactly why, i guess it's that round and round sensibility. i feel quite round and round all the time, so i suppose it fits. i was reading on trueup the other day about susan beal and her new book of modern log cabins, and a month of two ago martha had an article about them in living. i wonder if the log cabin is becoming cool? still, i have to remind myself that when i tell people i quilt, most of them think of heinous old school amish junk. (not that there's anything wrong with the amish... wait, i can say whatever i want about them, how would they know, if they know what i said, they are soooo cheating.)

anyway, so yeah log cabins rule. i just wish there was a cooler way to refer to them. i find that all my favorite styles sound so old bitty. well, to curb that, i wish to introduce my newest friend, raleigh...

he is a log cabin, and he is happy about it!!!

it's a kind of off the cuff cabin, i mean, structurally i wouldn't base any actual cabins off him, as each wall is a different size, but i love the way it came out. i started with a 4 1/2 inch block as the center and worked my way out without any real plan originally, just what looked good. of course i had to use some kaffe and jay mccarroll, seriously cannot get enough of habitat, and i finished it off with a clean white border.

i think the palette is more in the girl realm, so i am finishing up a second one now with more boy friendly colors. i also think i will be making this into a pattern, so check back for it soon. my etsy shop is hopefully going to be up in two weeks. i was hoping for mid april, but it looks more like first week of may. no problem though, i am very excited. everything in it's time, and now's the time for log cabins!

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  1. So this is what you did with your Saturday!? For me it was an album from the wedding. I totally love, love, love the Habitat in there! Soooo pretty! Another great quilt! xoxo