Monday, August 16, 2010

just keep going

you know, sometimes you wonder. you wonder about all sorts of things. is it going to rain today? did i remember to defrost the chicken? how often do i really have to vacuum with this dog anyway? other times you wonder, should i feel guilty that i didn't sew a single thing today? though it doesn't happen often, i definitely feel that way sometimes. i know i have absolutely no reason to feel that way, but i am from the class of people that, well, i want what i want, and i want it now. always have been, probably always will be. my darling tells me that i am always jumping from idea to idea, and i do. but not too quickly...

as i sew, making the designs up as i go, i am usually doing more than one project at a time, and all the while wondering if i should make my own patterns, design my own fabric, and i am so new to all of this! it's a lot to think about.

i guess i feel like rambling today, better to grab some thread and sew...

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