Wednesday, August 11, 2010

that's miss kayhart

ok, so i cannot say how excited i am! i am starting my first teaching class at Spool this september!!! yeah!!! i will be teaching the wednesday night beginner quilting class, which is so cool because, i took that class! yes, back in january i took the beginner's class, just to get myself settled, and to see exactly how to put things together, basting, quilting, binding, i had no clue. luckily i had a great teacher and now, well check me out!

this is going to be great, i just know. and hopefully, in the months to come i will be teaching more. fall is coming...time to quilt! yah-hoo! hanging on the wall there, that's the quilt i made in that class! the bed was my second just see what you can learn!!!

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