Tuesday, August 31, 2010

get back on track...a bit

ok, so i was looking through my blog today, and i came up with a couple of notions...

1, are you out there? i mean, ok i know a couple of you are out there, but is there anyone out there that i do not talk to in my day to day life? if so, say hi, cause i cannot tell you how excited i get when a "stranger" comments on the blog! it's nice to know that you are out there, ya dig?

2, i have gotten a bit side tracked. not really, but, this whole re-decorating thing is totally sucking me in. however, with it i have decided to sew some really great projects, which i hope come out well, hell, i know will come out well. (gotta be positive!) such as a hand-dyed new vintage canvas union jack wall hanging...ooooh!

2.5, with my love of the fdr chic, i thought i should get back to showing some quilting...

this is a quilt i made from remnants of some anna maria horner fabrics, mainly from my bed quilt. i just thought, hey the palette already works, let's make something quick and easy, hence the triangle pattern.

like i have said before, i always want the quilt to have something going on on the front and the back.don't bore it up by only taking time with one side. of course, you don't have to go nuts on the reverse side, but a little something is nice. here i was able to cheat by using one of anna's drawing room designs that have a book stacking vibe. it gives a bit of patchwork feel on its own, dontchathink?

maybe you wanna snuggle up with a quilt and a good book, fall is coming you know. (course it was 95 out today here in philly, such is life.)


  1. I LOVE the FDR chic! Your quilting is bee-uuuu-tee-ful! (sorry I'm not a stranger...but I had to comment!)

  2. i love this one! ashley, you are such a talent!!! xxo