Monday, August 9, 2010

she's not lazy, she's my sister

ok, so i didn't work on the pop, pop, fizz circle quilt tutorial at all last night, whah-whah. but that's ok, cause i decided to make it better, more like a pdf pattern thingy. i think. unfortunately, that is going to take me a few days...

but as to show that i am not lazy, i have visual proof that i have been working! i have this great idea for a ruffley/pleaty baby quilt, and i love these colors that i picked up at Spool! so cute and girly! (of course, if you ever met me, you would know that i am so not girly, which makes the quilt idea extra cute!)

like i've mentioned, i have these ideas, and since i am self taught, it's a trial and error system where i try to figure out sizes and folds and whatever else i need to know. but i'm pretty sure that's part of the whole reason i do it! hopefully this one will work out. in the meantime...visual proof...

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