Wednesday, August 25, 2010

switch it up!

uh-oh. something has happened. it's not bad, it's good. i'm redoing the living room/entire house cause the friggin' apartment is like one big room anyway, and the rest of the house just a make shift sewing room.

so far, not too much has happened. i moved the furniture. i don't even want to show you, it's a mess. and since edward is at work, i am forced to sit here and wait to see what he thinks..."baby, i need my gaming chair." aka the old blue lazy boy my parents bought me for my 16th birthday. remember, just turned 29, so, yeah it's kinda old.

now, an important thing to know about me, and anyone who does know me knows, i want things now. like, i do not want to wait. i want my living room to look pretty, and darn it, it better be done by sundown! that is obviously not going to happen, as i want to make all sorts of new fabric art for the walls, new curtains, new pillows, new couch! oh, and the painting of furniture, making a new carpet, etc. etc. ugh. but i will be done quick, i can tell you that. or i will fall apart in a pile of know, one of the two.

what i have learned so far though is, alfie loves the new arrangement! he can now jump up on the chair and be only inches from the window, to enjoy the great big city world. (sometimes i think he wants to be a cat... if he didn't go on those nightly kitty hunts, i would think it was true.)

so hopefully by milling around on the brass petal and oggling anna maria designs, i should be able to come up with something that is us. us being me of course, as my darling will live with anything i choose. ahhh, bliss. where's the yellow spray paint?

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