Monday, August 30, 2010

yellow is the new awesome!

holy be-ge-bus. i am tired. tired. italicized. that is pretty freakin' tired, i tell you. why? because they were here. who? well, my edward may be joining a fancy-shmancy club where you do fancy-schmancy things that i don't know about. and they had to come and visit us. so we had company. and i had hell in a handbasket, as of course, i decided a couple days ago that i was going to completely redo the living room, remember? ugh. saturday night i find out said visitors were coming monday, ahem, today! so, i panicked. i cleaned, i scrubbed, i spray painted! did i mention i'm tired?

it's ok though, after their short rendezvous, i am back to staring at the room, thinking how its gonna be. and, well, it's gonna be like this...

 ok. not exactly. but did i mention i love emily henderson? you know, hgtv awesomeness. um, hello, look at this book shelf... see the cute little white vase in the bottom corner? i bought it yesterday, seriously! before i saw the show. whoa.

the amazingness will continue. i promise. it's just that, well, yeah, you know we have one window in practically our whole apartment, so inside photography is short lived. i'm gonna get up early tomorrow and shoot my bookcase, so you can see said vase in action.

my palette is going to be a bit different though... i'm in a navy/slate/grey world with pops of yellow. why? cause yellow is the new awesome! for now, check out these awesome sconces i bought on etsy. did i mention they are awesome? yeah!

(pssst...i totally used pictures from the brasspetal blog. please take note of that. 
a, because her blog is amazing, and b, cause i don't wanna get in trouble!)

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