Wednesday, October 27, 2010

an apple a day...

you know what's kinda funny. i love apples. ok, not really funny there, but what is funny, is that i don't actually get a kick out of eating raw apple, you know, like bite it, right off the tree... eh, can't help it. what i do love though, is anything with apple in it... pie, cider, pancakes... good.

so what does a girl do when she has one apple, sadly sitting on the counter in the kitchen? well, she makes a quick compote! yeah compote! (pssst, that's warm fruit.) i love fruit compote so much that i rarely put it on anything, i just eat it straight from the stove...

it's v.v. easy too! first, you take your apple... ok this can be tricky to some, i mean, apple, sure. no problem. then martha and the lot get you all confused... what kind of apple? granny smith, pink lady, golden delicious, too many names! now i love martha, and i love apples, so i just grab whatever one looks pretty! today it was a pink lady, which i found out stay pretty firm, so if you want a softer touch, i grab a golden delicious, my general favorite. (which, of course, as a child i refused to eat, green apples were for boys like my brother, i only ate red ones. so there!)

ok, so you basically do this...cube it, melt a bit of butter in a pot, toss in apple, sprinkle in sugar, cinammon, and anything else you fancy. cover it on a simmer for, say 10 minutes, then apple-cadabra! compote. yummy.


  1. That's what I should have done with those apples instead of baking them, much simpler. duh