Monday, October 18, 2010

let them eat cake!

i am feeling crazy colorful today. not because i am happy or any nonsense like that, but actually because i feel kinda down, run down, you know the type of thing, nothing is actually wrong per se, but ya feel a bit blah. blah. i find that whenever that happens, if i dive into color, the world seems right again.

 i mean, who in their right mind doesn't love pink cake with confetti icing. really, who? i haven't make a pillsbury cake in say, 15 years, but the other day at target, in the new fancy schmancy pantry section, there is was, screaming, i'm easy, cheap, fluffy goodness. i succumbed. i mean, it's pink cake!

it's pretty amazing what color can do... even a shade of the same color can change everything. why does aqua and seafoam green make me coo, while my friend dies for rich purples and jade.

i think it's so important when you quilt to not be afraid of color. of course, it's all about how daring one wants to be, one person's tame is another person's hell in a fabric basket. but maybe it's good to just take a step out, every once and while. color rules.

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