Sunday, October 17, 2010

what i did with my october...

wait... what did i do with my october? i feel like it's going to be thanksgiving in like a week! and then christmas! holy bajebuz! to be fair, no i haven't been doing a ton of sewing over the last couple of weeks. i had a wedding to attend, general household things that always get you caught up, and frankly, i am working my 8th day in a row tomorrow, so i am kinda tired, ugh. but i will have a couple free days this week, which i am very excited for, as i am positive that i will have two new quilts by the end of the week! yah!

plus, along with my two quilts, my class will have nine! i am so excited about this, it's the last week of my first run as beginning quilting instructor at Spool, and my students will be binding it up this week, which is so cool. i actually love the binding part, (and hate the actual quilting bit). true, mitering corners can be a bit tricky at times, i love the hand sewing that goes into finishing the quilt. there is something about having it all laid out in your lap with a needle and thread, closing it up, inch by inch, to make a real deal quilty quilt. nice.

quilts are perfect this time of year. super perfect. it's still a bit warm, (erm, unless your in vermont, where it's started snowing already, apparently, bah), and you are really keen to do fally things, like make stews and pies, and you want to wear a sweater. that is what it's all about. i should make a scarf... maybe tomorrow.

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