Saturday, October 2, 2010

ta dah!

my wall hanging is complete, and i think it's pretty bangin!

it's just cotton duck that i got for like, 6 bucks a yard. i used about 3 yards. it's 60x36, and relatively close to an actual union jack in design. did you know that the cross of saint george is supposed to be 1/5 the width of the flag? crazy.

i tea dyed the fabric to create the subtle shading difference, the bulk was dyed for an hour, the rest, three or so. i must say though, duck doesn't dye quickly, so if you want to really antique it, you need to probably leave it over night. the cutting and sewing is very easy, it's all torn and quickly sewn on the top. you get a neat ragged look...

and for anyone who doesn't know me, i am a lame super anglophile. ask me anything about elizabeth i. i probably know, and if i don't, i'd love to find out! (and of course, this is the union flag, which wasn't used til after elizabeth's time. so there.) but i love it, did i mention i love it? cause i do! ta dah!

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