Sunday, October 31, 2010

mutt strutt & no sew techniques!

we have strutted. it is over. alfie, along with his new best friend, loki, did their philanthro-pupic duties and attended the philadelphia mutt strut, a great annual fundraiser for the philadelphia animal welfare society, or PAWS.

this is loki, he is just a young pup, but he was such a good boy! so many people wanted to pet him, how can you not love those two colored eyes and that soft fur! plus, he still has puppy in him, he is a pouncing playing pup!

alfie, on the other hand, was more interested in breaking free! he always wants to break free, it's the beagle. but this is a good dog's eye view of his beagle world.

so with all this strutting, i've barely had time to sew! i figured it was time to do some non-sewing. non sewing? what do you say, you, you, crazy! yes, with some fabric tac, adhesive spray, and a firm belief that fabric should cover everything, i made some great new art boards!

so you take your boring old cork boards... i got one in the "canvas" style, i.e. it looks like a stretched canvas, just make of cork. the second is your traditional bulletin board, cork board with a wooden frame.

with the canvas style one, well, oh so easy really. take a piece of fabric that will cover the board, giving you a couple inches on each side to go around the back. spray the wrong side of the fabric with adhesive spray, then carefully place the board on top, flip it over, pull out any bubbles or folds, then tack it to the back! you can use just the spray, or if you have a nice stapler, staple it to the back!

i used this one for jewelery in the bedroom, with some super awesome anna maria horner roses. so ridiculously easy, and much easier on my stuff since the necklaces live in a ball in a jewelery box.

the second was a bit more work... i painted the wooden frame with some acrylic paint, then cut a piece of fabric to match the inside. again, i used spray adhesive, tacked it down, then used fabric tac to create a cute ribbon border, which also hides any imperfections, got to love that!

now i can hang ideas, photos, color palettes, what have you, in a place that isn't taped to the wall in the dining room....

much better.

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  1. Thank for for Loki's moment in the limelight! I will show him tonight. Maybe we should get an agent! :)