Thursday, July 14, 2011

stitching is a picnic!

so i made something kinda cool... but apparently not cool enough... eh, who knows, wanna see?

it's a cute picnic mat, perfect to roll up and throw over your shoulder! take it to the park, the beach, the backyard, wherevs! whatcha think...

it's 54x60, made up of bright kona solids on the front: melon, lagoon, cactus and white. i went for a kind of retro kitchen floor motif, it's made up of 6 inch squares, easy to make, super easy to love...

the back is loulouthi laminate from anna maria... i love the laminate on the back. that way if you plop down on the grass and it's a bit dewy from the night before you will stay clean and dry! yay!

the binding is art gallery in a deep purple... i think it ties everything together nicely... oh! speaking of tie... you can see that this piece loves to travel... roll it in three and tie it securely shut! plus there is enough left over to make a bow and have it hang from your shoulder. good for quick city picnics! that or throw it in your bike basket and head to the park!

maybe i will make this a tutorial, what-da-ya think? anyone? it's a simple pattern with classic results. homage to easy peasy summer!

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