Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a true weekender

phew. heavy duty. i spent the better part of sunday, and a few hours on saturday night, and a few hours on monday night, working on my weekender bag from amy butler.

it's pretty intense. but i am not complaining! no sir! it's just a bit tough on the old 14 needle if you know what i mean. there is tons of interfacing in this project, but if you want it to look professional and beautiful, you gotta suck it up and make it work!

i wouldn't say it's a novice piece, but amy really does make it easy on you. this is my first pattern to follow in her collection, and i think the layout and instructions are very simple to follow, making it a dream, though time consuming... three hours of cutting. bah! i am 3/4 of the way finished, here is a primer...

of course, i am using my absolute favorite fabric of  the moment, habitat by jay mccarroll... again... whatevs, i love it. the trim and lining is just some good old fashion kona navy.

i am very happy with it, other than the fact that i did trim down the main panel seam allowances, and it's a bit harder to sew, but i am on my way...

i'm gettin' there, i'm gettin' there. i have a deadline for this one, it must be done by the end of the week or else! or else!!! i can't wait to tote through the airport looking oh so fashion-travel-ista!

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