Saturday, July 16, 2011

weekender... you bet!

tah-dah! done! yay! weekender bag ready to travel... throw some junk in there and let's go!

what do i have to say about the amy butler weekender bag... hmmm.... well, i would say that it is not a beginner project. it's the interfacing really, peltex heavy duty can really add up as you sew. i didn't need to use 16 needles though, as were recommended, but maybe i was just lucky on that one.

i would say the hardest part for me, other than the heavy sewing of course, was matching up the main panels with the top/bottom. that got a bit stressful. (i.e. me swearing, ed saying "what's wrong?" and me swearing some more.)

also, you do have to hand stitch the lining inside the bag, and if you are not a fan of that you will be perturbed. i don't really mind it, give me an episode of 48 hours and a needle and thread and i'm your girl, but i did mess up my middle finger pretty badly from trying to ram the needle through the zipper/lining/interfacing conundrum. my weird trick: i held a thimble in my mouth, and each time i had to push the needle through i brought my middle finger up to catch the thimble, brought it down, pushed the needle through, then put it back in my mouth. eh, it worked for me.

the only thing that i didn't do was buy plastic template for the false bottom. i have interfacing, i will survive. i am sure it would be a bit more professional looking if i did, but frankly i couldn't find the size needed, so what the heck, live and let live.

i recommend the project, so much so i think i am going to make another one... after my finger heals of course. man, i guess i better go on a trip now, huh? sounds good to me!!!


  1. I know what you mean about sewing thru a bunch of stiff and thick layers. I just finished a laptop bag that used headliner foam and was a bear to sew thru.