Monday, July 11, 2011

you flirt!

wow, that was a lot of stuff! too bad you weren't there... missed you. i was going to post a couple of days ago but then i left my camera at spool like a schmuck. schmuck! i ran to get it today so that i could show off the projects done in my class this week... we did the flirting the issue skirt by anna maria horner. check them out!

tah dah! with some new wrenly by valerie wells! love it!

 and some cute pretty in pink action (not my words, the creators, tre-bon!) and one super cute mess! (i say that in the best way, since it's some great wild habitat by jay mccarroll.) see, you can be girly and punk rock!

i just think it's such a fun skirt, and it's easy! cut some rectangles and sew! anna maria, you genius! i have two so far, i may need to make another one! (can i use anymore exclamation points today!?! yes!!!)

sigh... ok what else? oh yeah, i am a celebrity now! kayhart checklist...

1 - have anna maria horner read and comment on your blog... CHECK!
2 - be feautured on CHECK!

that's right! heather has done a little featurette on moi! how super neato! everyone should check it out, not only for it's fabulous expose on yours truly, but also because she is deliciously talented and has fun stuff for all!!! seriously... go!

so many other things are stewing too... hey, go USA soccer, tchau marta! and i have been working ever so hard all weekend on a amy butler dream... more on that soon. so busy! must dash!

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